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Personal Injury Claims are Our Business! Compensation Claims Australia offers you the legal help you need without charging high hourly lawyer fees. We work with lawyers in all states to ensure maximum payout on a flat-fee basis.

What is a flat fee? A flat fee is one payment on settlement the clients pays to Compensation Claims Australia, no other fees, no additional lawyer fees, no hidden costs, we charge you one flat fee regardless of the complexity of your claim.

Did you know there are strict time limits for submitting a compensation claim?

Talk to us today and get the ball rolling before it’s too late. In NSW you have 28 days to lodge your accident notification form, and 6 months to lodge the personal injury form. Talk to us today to find out the policy in your state.

Recovering from personal injury can be traumatic. The last thing you need to worry about is long and expensive legal battles, or dealing with troublesome insurance companies.

We understand how distressing the process can be, and we are committed to helping victims of personal injury receive the payment they deserve.

Don’t worry about high legal costs or the stress of a complicated case - we manage the entire process for you from beginning to settlement.

Why CCA?

We believe in a fair process that is accessible to everyone, no matter what your financial situation. That’s why we provide a FLAT FEE – NO WIN, NO PAY service.

We understand all incidents/accidents are unique so we treat every case individually regardless, and provide you with professional advice. Our industry leading team of specialists will take the time to listen to you – obligation free – and help find the best lawyer for your case, at no cost to you.

We Understand Personal Injury

Personal injury comes in many forms, and may range from misinformation to defamation. Public liability lawyers can help you stake your claim and get what’s owed to you.Contact us today to discuss the details of your claim and be matched with a specialist lawyer who will review your case and guide you with expert personalised advice.

Our service is free of charge to you and we work with a panel of public liability lawyers in all the different States and Territories to ensure you receive the best help possible. Visit our payout calculator to review what your injuries are potentially worth.

Get Advice From Our Claim Specialists

As the nature of injuries vary greatly, many people who have suffered injury are not aware they’re entitled to a payout or simply look at the short term however injuries can remain long term.  Talk to our expert team to find out your position to make a claim.

Our experienced team has access to lawyers specialising in workplace injuries, personal injuries, motor vehicle accidents and more, and will provide you with advice tailored to your circumstance. We will guide you towards the maximum pay-out as you rightly deserve.

Compensation lawyers available in Campbelltown, Parramatta, Brisbane, Perth, and beyond

The law surrounding injury claims varies throughout Australia, so we will provide you with expert advice relevant to your location. Whether you are looking for specialist lawyers in Parramatta, Campbelltown, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney or anywhere else in the country, our team is equipped with the knowledge to place you in the best possible position.


Contact our lawyers today and be guided towards maximum settlement

Don’t let yourself suffer further, making a claim could be an option available to you — our free advice is just a phone call away, so give us a call and stay informed of your rights.

Give CCA a call on 1300 138 767 to speak with our team and find out what we can help you achieve. Alternatively, leave your details with us online and we will get back to you the next working day.


  • CCA helped me navigate through the process was by the ongoing support, regular updates and clear communication. Both John and Rosanne were extremely professional and easy to work with and would highly recommend anyone seeking legal advice or claims to consider CCA.

    Caleb, Sydney, NSW

  • I lost my leg in an accident. My son asked me if we will play cricket together again.

    Thanks to Comp Claims we can.

    Gianni, Sydney, NSW

  • I couldn’t agree more! I was lost, my ex lawyer had no idea –big firm lawyer. Comps Claims fixed it, true to their word. My family and kids are safe.

    Thank you so much.

    Nicole, Sydney, NSW