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    Our Business Model


Similar to when one contemplates representing themselves rather than engaging a lawyer and paying high legal fees, Compensation Claims Australia is designed to manage the entire process relating to personal injury claims. 

We understand that whilst some people have the capacity to self-represent, others simply do not have the time to deal with the extensive administrative detail involved with a personal injury claim matter. Those that attempt to handle the process of a personal injury claim by personal representation soon realise the amount of "red tape" attached to manage or self-represent.

Compensation Claims Australia handles the detail and communications between all parties involved, enabling a smooth flow and progression of your claim. We carry a personal injury claim matter from the lodgement of the claim form to the settlement of the claim. Compensation Claims Australia consults with various accredited specialists with regards to all legal matters, ensuring the correct decisions are made in accordance with your respective circumstances.

The Compensation Claims Australia business model is a no win/no fee, flat fee set up and there are no upfront costs. We charge you a flat fee plus disbursements on all our claims. All fees are disclosed in a confidentiality agreement between the client and Compensation Claims Australia; we obtain authorisation from you to manage your respective claim via an Authority of Consent. We manage all communication and documentation on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about replying to emails and the tedious correspondence that bounds the personal injury claims process.

Our role is to specifically manage your rightful claim from beginning to settlement and ensure you receive the right amount of compensation in line with your injuries and circumstances.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, taking calls seven days a week, with all correspondence replied to within a strict time frame of 24 hours. We have many years of management experience within the company, and we pride ourselves on equality, both in and outside the workplace. We have fundamental principles, both on an employment level and outside of the working environment.

Importantly, we believe in transparency, equality and justly outcomes.