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    Medical Negligence and Catastrophic Injury

    How much is your claim worth?

Parties injured by negligent or inadequate medical advice or care may be entitled to compensation. Since the laws vary between States and Territories, it is crucial that you speak to a specialist medical negligence lawyer about the specifics of your case. Compensation Claims Australia, can provide free information and put you in touch with the most suitable professional.

Compensation Claims Australia, deals with some of the best Medical Negligence Solicitors in Australia and they have years of experience with clinical negligence and medical malpractice suits, having pursued compensation claims against:

●   nurses and doctors
●   private and public hospitals
●   specialist medical practitioners, including obstetricians, orthopaedic surgeons and cardiac surgeons.
●   dentists
●   physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.

In the complex field of medical negligence, it is important to find a Specialist Medical Negligence Solicitor who will ensure that you get the best information and the highest level of support to pursue a successful compensation claim.

Our Specialist medical Negligence Solicitors draw on years of experience, and they can advise on any issues regarding your potential claims against health professionals, doctors and hospitals regarding.

●   failure to warn on the dangers of medical procedures, surgeries and medications
●   ncomplete or incorrect diagnosis
●   failure to diagnose
●   incorrectly undertaking procedures or surgeries
●   catastrophic personal injury cases
●   the rights of family members in medical negligence cases.

Our Medical Negligence Solicitors may find that you are entitled to:

●   past, current and future loss of earnings
●   medical expenses incurred
●   future medical expenses
●   pain and suffering compensation
●   personal and domestic assistance
●   nursing assistance from agencies
●   rehabilitation and pharmaceutical expenses
●   home modification costs

Our Medical Negligence Solicitors will also be able to advise whether you're entitled to other miscellaneous expenses that relate to the injury or incident, and other specific entitlements. If, after assessment, the solicitor feels that you have a case, he will pursue it on a no win - no fee basis. That means that you only have to pay if your claim results in successful compensation.

Limits apply to personal injury claims, so you need to act fast. Call Compensation Claims Australia, right away for obligation free assistance.