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    Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

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Australian compensation law for motor vehicle accident injuries varies between the states and territories, with most being based on negligence, or responsibility. However, the Northern Territory and Victoria follow a non-fault motor vehicle CTP or green slip scheme. The green slip scheme covers losses, as well as potential lump sum payouts to anyone who sustained an injury in an automobile accident. Experts recommend that injured parties get in touch with personal injury lawyers as soon as possible.

Personal injury or motor vehicle accident lawyers will be able to assess your compensation entitlements and represent you when you need it most. Anyone who is injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else, may be entitled to claim for losses sustained as a result, from the Green Slip (CTP) insurer in the following situations:

● Driving a motor vehicle
● Taken actions to avoid collision
● Motor vehicle running out of control
● A defect which caused the vehicle to run out of control

All vehicles registered in Australia must hold a current CTP insurance policy, which covers the owner or driver in the event of personal injury caused by the vehicle. Such a policy does not cover damage to another vehicle or other related losses, but only personal injury and related losses, such as medical expenses and loss of earnings.

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CTP Insurance: Reporting Motor Vehicle Accidents & Injuries

By law, all accidents that result in injury should be reported to the police. You will need the Traffic Incident Number from the police before you can claim personal injury compensation from the CTP. We recommend that you report the matter right away, and to lodge the claim against the CTP insurer as a matter of urgency.

Be sure to get in touch with Compensation Claims Australia to guide you through this time-critical process and get you in touch with our panel of lawyers that understand you.

Since time limits vary by state and territory, allowing any time to lapse can complicate the pursuit of your claim significantly. Speak to us about your compensation entitlements as soon as possible, so that we can put you in touch with car accident lawyers.

CTP insurance does not cover untraced or unregistered vehicles that were at fault, unless the accident occurred in a public place (such as a beach where vehicles are driven) or on a road when the claim will be handled by the Nominal Defendant. We recommend that you take the necessary steps to identify the vehicle, including reporting the accident to the police. You should also seek witnesses by placing ads in the newspaper or interviewing people near the scene.

The Nominal Defendant, a central fund, handles claims that involve unidentified or uninsured vehicles. If you need the assistance of motor vehicle accident lawyers anywhere from Campbelltown to Parramatta, wider Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere else, CPI can help guide you down the right path.


You may have to prove that you were a wholly or partly innocent victim before you may claim compensation, if the accident occurred in a State or Territory that uses a negligence-based CTP.

When the police investigate an accident and prosecutes a driver for negligent driving (or a similar charge) it will help your case in proving your innocence. However, it is not conclusive in proving liability, particularly in cases that involve serious injuries. Lengthy investigations may be undertaken by insurance companies, their adjusters and legal representatives, but police prosecution will certainly be a helpful early indicator.

In cases where responsibility is attributed among drivers or pedestrians, fault may be attributed to the injured person. This is known as 'contributory negligence".

Passengers are generally considered innocent, and are entitled to pursue claims irrespective of the driver who is to blame for the accident.

In some cases, you may have entitlements under other types of insurance, depending on what you were doing or where you were going when the injury occurred. Workers compensation may be one of the entitlements, if you were travelling to or from work when the accident took place.

If you are searching for car accident lawyers in Parramatta, Campbelltown, wider Sydney or beyond, speak to Compensation Claims Australia today for expert advice regarding your compensation entitlements in light of the circumstances of your accident and injury.

From Campbelltown and Parramatta to locations all over Australia

We help individuals across Australia, from Campbelltown to Parramatta, Sydney to Perth, Brisbane and beyond get the car and road accident traffic compensation they deserve with the help of our experienced motor vehicle accident claim lawyers.Once we have established that you are entitled to claiming your losses that arose from your injury from the vehicle's CTP insurance, we will also advise on the losses you may claim. Your claimcan include:

● Loss of earnings
● Medical expenses
● Out-of-pocket expenses
● Pain and suffering
● Other losses incurred due to third party negligence

Remember that thresholds and limits apply to the many aspects of a personal compensation claim. Speak to us when you need advice or assistance regarding personal liability.  Contact us on 1300 138 767 right away, or feel free to fill in our online enquiry form.