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While compensation laws differ between the various Australian States and Territories, there is one thing that remains the same: 

Compensation lawyers will represent you on a contingency basis, pursuing compensation when you have sustained a personal injury. Although contingency usually means a "no win - no fee" system, it is important to select the best legal representation for your case.

In some cases, a "no win - no fee" arrangement may only relate to your own lawyer's costs. However, other costs may still apply, including:

●  funding your disbursements (assessor's reports, medical reports and more.)
●  the costs of the defendant, in the event that you lose your personal injury claim.

We understand that an injury might have caused financial pressure and that's why our 'no win - no fee' specialist personal injury lawyers are prepared to act on your behalf. They don't receive payment unless you win, and that's why they will only act on your behalf if they are confident in you  and your claim.

Some compensation claims can be pursued requiring absolutely no exposure to adverse costs, even if the claim is unsuccessful. Compensation Claims Australia can advise you on this and assist you in finding a consulting lawyer.

Selecting the Right Lawyer

The right legal representative will protect your rights and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation due to you.

Since the laws differ by States and Territories, it is important to get a lawyer in your jurisdiction. Compensation Claims Australia, is affiliated with some of the best personal injury lawyers from across the country. These specialist personal injury lawyers don't represent insurance companies, but only individuals. If you want  a lawyer who will act in your best interest and give you truthful and realistic prospects on your potential injury claim, contact Compensation Claims today to get in touch with the right legal representative.

Contact Compensation Claims Australia today. Legal advice is only a phone call away. Be sure to act before the time limit on your personal injury claim expires.